2014/15 Lavender harvest comes to an end – Bella Lavender Estate

2014/15 Lavender harvest comes to an end


2014/15 was a great harvest at Bella Lavender Estate.  Our yield has been high due to some good early winter rain and a healthy dose of natural fertiliser. 


The Essential Lavender Oil this year is one of our best, a real sweet smelling lavender that is easy on the sinuses.  Our harvest began in late November and continued throughout December and January.  Harvesting the lavender is usually a two person operation involving a hand held hedger harvester and a catching sack.  The lavender flowers are then placed in to our distillery and the oil is created using this machinery.


We produce two brands of essential lavender oil at Bella Lavender Estate; Angustifolia and Intermedia & these can be purchased from Bella Lavneder via our website, over the phone or in our store.


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