Versatility Of Lavender Part 3 – Bella Lavender Estate

Versatility of Lavender Part 3


In this blog post we will discover some other usefull lavender products for skin and hair care.  Our home made Lavender Soap bar soap is made using only Urangutan Friendly certifified GreenPalm Oil, is preservative and trans free.  This makes the product both an ethically correct choice and a great choice for your skin.  The real key to gaining extra life out of your soap is to allow it to dry out a little.  Essentially the more dry the soap bar is, the longer it lasts however the off side to this is that as the soap bar airs it loses some of those beautiful essential oil aromas.  Home made soaps are great because you can usually trust that they have been made free from preservatives and unnecessary chemicals and the labelling is not confusing.  

Lavender is also a great ingredient in shampoo or conditioner & studies have found lavender essential oil to be linked to hair regrowth, controlling hair loss and can assist to reduce dandruff..  Our Shampoo and Conditioner are also PEG and Sulphate Free making them less likely to cause allergy, result in itchy scalps or cause hair loss.  For any real benefit to be obtained from using natural products, we find that it is important that there are no 'nasty' ingredients added or any benefit is out weighed by the negative.  Lavender Shampoo containing Essential Lavender Oil is also great in for hair and scalps because it can hydrate, moisturize & provide necessary nourishment.  

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