Lavender and Pennyroyal Pet Shampoo - 250ml – Bella Lavender Estate

Lavender and Pennyroyal Pet Shampoo - 250ml

Product Description

A natural shampoo derived from coconut that is gentle on your pet’s skin. Bella Lavender Estate Pet Shampoo contains extracts of chrysanthemum flowers which assists in the elimination of fleas. The natural essential oil of Lavender and Pennyroyal aids in repelling further insect contact and makes your pet smell sweet as well! (for animal treatment only)

  • Great for skin allergies
  • Natural flea remover
  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Gentle on your dog’s coat
  • No artificial fragrances

Please Note:  Due to the Pennyroyal essential oil in this product it should be avoided if you or your pet are pregnant or nursing. Can be toxic if ingested by humans or pets - Keep away from Children.  Rinse thoroughly after use.


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